PUBG Mobile APK Latest v0.14.0 + OBB Data Download For Android


Most people said What is PUBG? So, here- PUBG game is the most popular and thrilling multiplayer game for players in present time. Now a day everyone is talking about this game, PUBG APK is the game that has become a new age gaming sensation. This game is based on strategy and battle gameplay, and it gives you a new dimension to the multiplayer game. The gamers play with their friends and also coordinate with them.


Download PUBG Mobile APK

PUBG Mobile APK game also known as Player Unknown Battlegrounds, this is a great job done by Blue hole studio to converting the PC experience of the game into mobile. PUBG Mobile APK provides you ultimately graphics, audio sounds, and game theme, you feel like you are on the real battleground. PUBG APK game is easily downloaded by Android users from Google play store and iOS users from the Apple App store without any charges. PUBG APK Download Free for Android users as well as iOS users also. PUBG Latest Update Version is also launched for windows.

PUBG Mobile APK Game Play

PUBG game starts with 100 best players from all around the world, with get starting signal, all players jump off on the Island, these 100 players parachute onto an 8×8 kilometers island, your main goal in this game is to survive all the other ninety-nine opponent players and to be last living force on the Island. This game provides you a different map, you choose map for playing as you want and also provide better weapons for battle.

If you want to play with your friends, so you can also send a message to your PUBG mobile game. The gamer has to keep exploring the island through abandoned houses, hills, walls, roads and many other things, with strategy and available weapons on game players, should survive from the attack of the enemy.

For all the gamer needs the right gaming strategy to protect yourself from opponents and survive last long. In this game at any possible time, the enemy can strike on you. This game is based on the idea of kill or to be killed. The makers of the game designed the weapons very well and different, and each weapon has its own strength and weakness, the game also provides you a unique collection of vehicles. When you have to explore the island and found suitable areas.

Players also choose to play modes like if you want to play alone, you choose a solo mode, or if you want to play with one more person, you choose duo mode, or if you play with a team, you choose squad mode. In this game, you play comfortably because there are high-risk zones and fear of encounter. During the game, the random region of highlighted in red and bombs areas, posting a threat to players who remain in that area. A full round of Android APK Game takes no more time than 30 minutes. And at last of the game the player who wins the game, that player gets “chicken dinner”. And winner player gets game cash and awards.

Feature of PUBG Mobile APK

  • This game is completely legal, safe and secure.
  • PUBG Mobile APK provides you realistic graphics, high-quality audio, and 3D sound effects and many more.
  • Provides you best weapons, vehicles and you also unlocked all clothing and weapons.
  • You can protect yourself with Anti-Ban.
  • In this game, you can disconnected game any time and also rejoin as well.
  • In game you get free unlimited cash (UC) is the PUBG official currency and battle points, and you does not need to root your android device.
  • PUBG APK Free Download Application for users, you can download respected stores.

PUBG APK File Information

PUBG game is the most popular game in the current time. You just need to Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK and open it, and in PUBG Mod APK game directly provide you unlimited UC and Battle Points. This game is 100% Safe and Secure. Below some details about this interesting game:

App Versionv0.14.0
App Size42MB
Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.3 & Higher
License TypeFree
DeveloperTencent Games (A Subsidiary of Bluehole)

Get Boundary Above Your Competitors With Free PUBG Aimbot And Wallhack!

Just think for a while you are having a superpower to watch your competitor through bridges and amazing accessories in the battleground. This PUBG APK Mod No Root version gives your opposing party or fighter a tough time hiding from you by giving us the capacity to look through items. Watch all your competitors through walls, trees, cars, and anything concrete they might be beating others.

All your fighters or opposers will be highlighted in red color for your instant identification and kill them on the spot. PUBG Mod APK also has an Aimbot that is functioned to automatically trace down your enemies and shoot them against you. This PUBG Hack acts like a role model and does not click his fighter when it is behind a wall or object or accessories.

In this way, no other players notice when the Aimbot takes the player down. The Aimbot mostly and almost only works with guns and not other weapons like a grenade.
So, be carefully while playing Aimbot helps you to take down 15-20 while you have your mind on others.

Get All PUBG Weapons And Clothing Skins?

In present time, the only way to unlock weapons by purchasing or being rewarded one of two special loot crates. But in PUBG Mod APK gameplay you get all weapons pre-unlocked, some of the weapons include and also clothing skins are directly unlocked in PUBG Mod APK.

Gain Unlimited PUBG UC And Battle Points?

Get unlimited PUBG UC through a beta update and you can only be purchased by real money only and you get battle points in a game when you win the game and get cash as a reward but it totally depends on your gameplay. But in PUBG Mobile Cheats there is no takes time for collecting battle money.

Final Verdict

This was all about PUBG Mobile APK for Android and iOS devices. This game takes you on a journey to the realistic island, it was an awesome and real gameplay, where ninety-nine other players in an attempt and you tried to become the last survivor. You can play with your squad and prepare for the war. And for Android devices, APK OBB Latest Version installs it’s completely safe and secure. So, I hope you got everything about the PUBG Mobile APK. So keep enjoying this game.


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