How to Download Nova Launcher Latest 6.1.11 for Android

In the Era of Technology, everyone wants to Modify its Android device to a new software look like icons, animation, and gesture many more thing.  So, Nova Launchers Apk is a solution to this issue and its moderate simple android software to another level.

Nova Launchers 6.0 Prime is advanced version then Nova Launchers 5.3 Prime. With nova launcher, you can customize your home screen, icon, control gesture, layout, animation, and many more thing. Nova Launcher is a powerful app that can modify your screen, folder, and whole interface.                 

Nova Launchers Beta Version is also released in the last few days. It is basically based on the AOSP Launcher, the beta version is more advanced than Nova Launchers 6.0. If you want to download this app, you can do this by clicking on the button given below.

Download Nova Launcher 6.0 beta 10 for Android APK

There are two types of Nova Launcher one is simple Nova Launcher and the other one is the prime version of nova launcher. Nova Launcher prime is paid when Nova Launcher is free apk. Below discuss its features

Nova Launchers Apk Features( FREE VERSION)

  • Themes icon: user can change app icon that installed in the device.
  • Layout import: With outer resource, we can import layout nad redesign it.
  • Widget modification: Widget also an important part of any device and nova launcher allow the widget modification.
  • Backup-restore: You can back up with it and restore in the same device or other devices.
  • Screen customization: Mostly user bored with our device display color or themes so, this spk also this feature provide.
  • Superfast movement: It is fastly work compared than other apk.

This is the extra features that unlock after purchasing nova launcher prime apk. this features not available in free version.

Nova Launchers Apk PRIME Features ( PAID VERSION)

  • Hide apps icon: This feature hide app that the user didn’t want to show.
  • Gesture effects: Gesture effect give pro experience for the user.
  • More scrolling: In free apk we have simple scroll function but in a prime version, more scrolling feature is also available.
  • Swapping icons: icon swapping also ultimate experience for the device user.

With this launcher, you modify home screen as u want also you can use this apk in a tablet. In Nova, launcher user take backup and restore in other devices even it is used in that condition when a device is formatted.

Final Words 

Nova Launcher is more capable and powerful for customization of android phones compare than other apk. It has on/off functionality for a screen but it is mandatory to give device administration authentication or permission.

Nova launcher is fully packaged that allows a user to redesign your device with gesture control and its prime package also allow more features that user expect.


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