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What Is WordPress? How It Is Work?

What Is WordPress

WordPress is a blogging software as well as a framework for web development. It is an open-source website making tool which use to build an online website. WordPress has written in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL. WordPress is invented by Matt Mullenweg and it was released on 27 May 2003.

Basically, WordPress is a software that manages content people put on their website. Just like WordPress, there are many more Content Management System(CMS) Free Open Source such as Joomla, Bootstrap, Tumblr, Drupal. But what is most popular among the people is CMS WordPress.

How Does WordPress Work

If we talked about since the earliest day of the internet, the website has been created in HTML. Website and Blog created by developer and designer. A programming language that utilizes instructions called ‘tags’ to format text, page layouts, images, etc.

Your web browser read then reads this HTML code, interpreting those tags to render and display the content of a particular page. In today’s time, WordPress is the most popular Content Website Management for Blogging that is called CMS.

In the world of Blogging, two platforms are most popular in people first is Blogger.com and second is WordPress

What Is Blogger.com

It is a free service of Google and there are no charges in it because it works in free. For it neither need to buy a domain nor pay to host every month. It gives a sub-domains of itself to make blogger and blog website, and stores all contents of the blogs and data. So that there is no need to take a separate hosting.

What Is WordPress

Now the question arises in your mind that WordPress is free for blogging? Yes, WordPress is free. WordPress gives its service in two ways in which it uses two separates platforms itself.

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org


If you don’t want to take your own domain and hosting expenses then WordPress.com is your work website. Neither do you get the tension of hosting or money for the webserver? Because it’s totally free to use and you also have the option of customizing your website. But it also has some disadvantage of creating a website is that you will not be able to upload a theme separately to change the look of your website and another you will not be able to use any plugin.


When you want to buy your own domain name for the website and take your own web hosting server and install on it WordPress, then it works on WordPress. WordPress gives many advantages that are not on WordPress.com. For this, you can choose the top-level domain and you can buy a domain for at least 1 year and renew it every year.

Final Words

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How to Download Nova Launcher Latest 6.0 for Android

In the Era of Technology everyone want to Modify its Android device to a new software look like icons, animation and gesture many more thing.  So, Nova Launchers Apk is solution of this issue and its moderate simple android software to an another level.

Nova Launchers 6.0 Prime is advanced version then Nova Launchers 5.3 Prime . With nova launcher you can customize your home screen, icon, control gesture, layout, animation and many more thing. Nova Launcher is powerful app that can modify your screen , folder and whole interface.                 

Nova Launchers Beta Version is also released in last few days. It is basically based on the AOSP Launcher, the beta version is more advanced than Nova Launchers 6.0. If you want download this app, you can do this by clicking on the button given below.

            Nova Launcher 6.0 beta 10 for Android APK

There are two types of Nova Launcher one is simple Nova Launcher and the other one is prime version of nova launcher. Nova Launcher prime is paid when Nova Launcher is free apk. Below discuss its features

Nova Launchers Apk Features( FREE VERSION)

  • Themes icon : user can change app icon that installed in device.
  • Layout import : With outer resource we can import layout nad redesign it.
  • Widget modification : Widget also a important part of any device and nova launcher allow the widget modification.
  • Backup-restore : You can backup with it and restore in same device or other device.
  • Screen customization : Mostly user bored with our device display color or themes so, this spk also this feature provide.
  • Superfast movement : It is fastly work compared then other apk.

This is the extra features that unlock after purchasing nova launcher prime apk . this features not available in free version.

Nova Launchers Apk PRIME Features ( PAID VERSION)

  • Hide apps icon : This feature hide app that user didn’t want to show.
  • Gesture effects : Gesture effect give pro experience for user.
  • More scrolling : In free apk we have simple scroll function but in prime version more scrolling feature is also available.
  • Swapping icons : icon swapping also ultimate experience for device user.

With this launcher you modify home screen as u want also you can use this apk in tablet. In Nova launcher user user take backup and restore in other device even it is use in that condition when device is formatted.

Final Words 

Nova Launcher is more capable and powerful for customization of android phones compare than other apk. It has on/off functionality for screen but it is mandatory to give device administration authentication or permission.

Nova launcher is fully package that allow user to redesign your device with gesture control and its prime package also allow more features that user expect.

How to Download Mobdro Latest 2.1.14 for Android APK and for PC

If you love to watch Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, South, Punjabi Online Movies, Web Series and Luxury Content then Mobdro is the right choice. Mobdro Apk is the st apk that provide paying content is free of cost. This app is mostly liked by the Android user.

If you want to know more about Mobdro app then please read our article from beginning to end. We hope you will get all the information here. So let’s first know about what is Mobdro app.

Download Mobdro Latest 2.1.14 for Android APK and Windows

Basically, the android user uses many apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more app similar like this, and consume more memory & also its cost more than our budget at a time. So, Mobdro app is a solution and a good alternative of all this.

Mobdro app is used for many platforms like its Mobdro sports, this is facilitated sports section of the latest video or web series. Mobdro provide downloading

Mobdro sports is an amazing section in this app this provides all sports videos in the latest up-gradation. The Mobdro for pc same functionality like an android. And Mobdro for smart tv usability available for television that is smart like they have social facility and online streaming. This app is available for both categories free and paid. A free app called freemium and paid one is premium.

Mobdro Premium App is pro version of that. It will ads less contain provide but in freemium ads watching is compulsory.

Mobdro for PC Download: Mobdro is also available for pc it will give pro facility for windows user. Windows user can stream live video or latest movies, web series, tv shows.

Features for Mobdro PC

  • We can share easily video or link for our network.
  • It will create a history of watching content that can help the user to watch out of his interest.
  • Mobdro behaves like most useful app youtube it has trending feature, bookmark option, Downloads.

Mobdro Firestick : Below instruction follow for Mobdro firestick

  • For start, it turns on Firestick.
  • choose Developer Options for firestick.
  • In your device allow permission for unknown Apps
  • Now find search bar.
  • Here search  ES File Explorer and install it.
  • After that, you need to enter the path as http://bit.ly/2oxB1rb and name as Mobdro.
  • After it Adds this item.
  • Accept terms and condition after Install Mobdro.
  • finally successfully installed Mobdro for Firestick.

Mobdro apk is provided service on all platform like windows, IOS, Android. It will open a new door for the user that wants updated video content is free of cost but also its paid version facilitates very well.

Mobdro online tv is a part of Mobdro app. which is live telecast given for users for many famous tv serials.

Full Specifications for Mobdro PC

Below Specifications is given only for Mobdro PC

Developer: Mobdro

Release Date: May 16, 2017,

Category: Video Streaming

Mobdro Available On: Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10

Similar Platform: iOS, Android.

License: Freeware

Mobdro is temporarily not available on play store but its official website link is https://www.mobdro.sc/ it will help you for setup Mobdro.

Final Word

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What is Netflix? How to get it!

Netflix is a streaming service that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. In Netflix, there’s always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month.

What is Netflix

Netflix is the American world’s largest online movie rental service and Netflix company provides its service in 200 countries. This founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. Netflix has 137 million total subscribers worldwide.

Netflix has provided all types of screen in India. But to run this service on television, a separate device like Xbox 360 should be installed, while on smartphones, tablets, and laptop it runs through internet connection only.

According to Reed Hastings to get this service in India you have to pay 10 dollars every month. He’s said it will not be more than 500 rupees. If you want to take the HD plan, then Rs. 650 monthly and ultra HD Rs. 800 will be paid. Through the basic plan, you can see the program at the same time according to the time given on the same screen.

How to Get Netflix

If you want to start watching Netflix so you have to follow some easy steps to know How to Connect Netflix to TV wirelessly follow these easy steps:

  • Choose a membership plan.
  • Choose the membership plan and click on the See the plans.
  • Create an account.
  • Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  • Enter your payment method.

Now enter your payment method. After completing the payment method it will be asked which device you want to see it, and select it and click on continue.

Netflix Packages

In Netflix 3 membership plans are available you can choose plans according to your needs. Your plan will determine how many people can stream Netflix content at once, and whether you can view in standard definition (SD), High definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (ULD).

  • Basic Plan – 1 screen plan SD ( you can watch on 1 device at a time in Standard Definition)
  • Standard Plan – 2 screen plan HD ( you can watch on 2 devices at the same time in High Definition)
  • Premium Plan – 4 screen plan HD/UHD 4k ( in this plan you can watch on 4 devices at the same time, includes HD/UHD available.
  • DVD plan – This plan is only available in the US. US customers can sign up DVD plan only or add DVDs to the current streaming plan.

Final word

So Friends how was our post in which we told you about How to Setup Netflix on tv we hope you have liked our post. If you have any problem in our post, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box. You can also share our post How to get Netflix on Samsung tv with your friends so that they get information about it.

How to Download Game Guardian 73.12 for Android!

Game guardian is an android app. Which gives you the advantage of illegally improving the content of your Android video game. It is the best tool for modifying android game online and offline and it provides more functions to other competitors.

With the help of it, you can modify SP, HP and much more. Game guardian application works on code injection during the runtime you can modify the parameters which you want.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK 1.14 Latest Version: Download For Android

Minecraft is a very popular app. With the help of it, you can block game where survivor survives from monster or wildest condition. Minecraft Pocket Edition Game was initially launched for a computer but now Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk is used to blocks game anytime and anywhere on your mobile phones.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool 4.3.1 for Android!

8 ball pool game is a famous game. It is played with one white ball called ‘cue ball’. There is 15 number of balls are including in it one is black. In that game, one player is trying to pocket 1 to 7 number solid color ball.

While another player is trying to knock in the striped pool 9 to 15 number. A player cannot sink the ball until when he has pocketed all the stripes and solid balls. The first player to put all 8 balls in the pocket is the winner.

Lucky Patcher Official APK Download for Android

Lucky patcher is a popular application among Android users because with the help of it you can change the permission on android apps, block ads, get free in apps purchases from android apps and games. With the help of bluestacks, users can use Lucky patcher on Android, PC and also windows.

How to Download TutuApp 3.2.6 for Android!

Tutuapp has its own official application store to download application for smartphones. With the help of tutu app, you will be able to download modified, hacked and free versions of your android favorite applications. If you think that Google Play Store is an application to download applications and software on the phone, then it is not right.

What Is WordPress? How It Is Work?

What Is WordPress WordPress is a blogging software as well as a framework for web development. It is an open-source website making tool which use to...